Reconstructing Judaism

RSNS is helping repair the world with Reconstructing Judaism, the central organization of the Reconstructionist movement. We train the next generation of rabbis, support and uplift congregations and havurot, foster emerging expressions of Jewish life, and encourage people to be their best selves – always helping to shape what it means to be Jewish today and to imagine the Jewish future.

Reconstructionists approach Judaism – and life – with deep reverence for the past and a passion to relate it to the present. In a rapidly changing world, Reconstructionist communities share and create new ways of being Jewish to connect us to the divine and ensure our lives are filled with purpose. We have originated many of the core innovations of today’s Judaism and lead efforts to make our congregations and havurot even more groundbreaking, inclusive and relevant.

We view Judaism as the evolving civilization of the Jewish people in an ongoing relationship with God. Our shared culture – rituals, traditions and practices – reflect over 3,000 years of that evolution, and we continue to share and shape it today.

We break down the walls that divide us – demonstrating what it means to be Jewish today – standing up for justice and creating a better world for all.

We experience – and discover – God through our daily acts of ritual, creative expression and humanity, which leads to individual spiritual fulfillment.

We have originated many of the core innovations within American Judaism and lead efforts to make our community even more forward-thinking, inclusive and relevant.

We are committed to democratic practice in Jewish life and believe that people hold the right – and obligation – to reconstruct Judaism in order for it to remain relevant in our lives.

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Your Virtual Shabbat Box holds many ways to celebrate the day. Choose what nurtures you: listen, watch or read.

Recon Connect is the hub for online and live experiences from across the Reconstructionist movement. Here, you can access the community, innovation and intellectual depth that epitomizes Reconstructionist Judaism.

Hashivenu is a podcast about Jewish teachings and practice around resilience hosted by Rabbi Deborah Waxman. Cultivating resilience in challenging times, both individually and collectively, is an essential path to personal renewal.

Introduction to Trauma, Healing & Resilience by Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg – In 2017, the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College received a generous grant from the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation to develop resources for trauma-informed Jewish practice. In recent years, there has been a growing public awareness of the impact of trauma on individuals and communities. This reality is especially true at this moment of national anguish and moral outrage. Under the leadership of Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg, a 2018 graduate of RRC, we conducted trainings and workshops and developed resources for rabbis, rabbinical students and other Jewish professionals serving individuals and communities impacted by trauma. The project culminated in the publication of Introduction to Trauma, Healing & Resilience by Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg.

Other Reconstructing Judaism Sites

The Reconstructionist Press is the sole provider of the Kol Haneshemah prayerbook series that are used in many congregations. We also sell a beautiful Reconstructionist Passover Haggadah, as well as a prayerbook specifically for children, as well as works from the Center for Jewish Ethics, our collection of Reconstructionist curriculum for educators, and many of the works of Mordecai Kaplan. All proceeds go towards supporting Reconstructing Judaism.

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (RRC) trains rabbis in shaping a Judaism relevant to the unfolding challenges and blessings of the current moment. RRC is dedicated to studying and teaching Judaism as an evolving religious civilization, and to advancing the universal freedom, justice and peace that are Judaism’s core values.

Evolve: Groundbreaking Jewish Conversations offers conversation-sparking essays from thought-leading rabbis, lay leaders and creators. Explore the best thinking on pressing, contemporary questions.

Ritualwell: Browse thousands of Jewish rituals, watch a video, download a ritual, or build your own.

Havaya Summer Programs are all about the joy of summer camp… with the freedom to be who you truly are. In our incredibly diverse and accepting community, all kids – no matter their race, sexual orientation, gender identity, family structure, or Jewish background – are more than welcomed. They’re celebrated! With so many activities—from the high-ropes challenge course to learning a new song, from the trampoline in our lake to any number of sports – the biggest challenge at Havaya is figuring out what’s the most fun!

The Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association (RRA) is the professional association of Reconstructionist rabbis. It provides professional and personal support and resources to rabbis; represents the rabbinic voice within the Reconstructionist movement; and represents the Reconstructionist rabbinate to the larger Jewish and general communities.

Placement Office: The Reconstructing Judaism Placement Office helps rabbis and congregations find one another and build healthy, constructive relationships.